Albion Online

How to Make Silver Early On In Albion Online

Wonder crafting on the best way to tackle freshly wiped servers, as well as for the inevitable release of this game? Here we'll give you some advices to achieve it.


Guiding Principles

Use every spare ounce of silver to buy gold from the gold market for the first month of the wipe
Gather stone early to set up my guild islands and personal islands for success and economic prosperity
Gather the resources necessary to craft my primary weapon, whether I decide to craft it or not
Utilize learning points and alternate characters by specializing to maximize my game-play potential (thanks Maybrew <3)
Progress from the safe areas to the riskier areas in a linear fashion as I progress my gathering, crafting, and PVE skills accordingly

How to Make Silver Early On

Perform the yellow scroll kill and collect quests in the starting zones
Leverage your personal island to hire mercenaries and fill the journals through PVE grinding
Running green and blue dungeons for silver
Running green and blue dungeons for essences and selling them for silver
Gathering and selling what you gather
    Refined / Unrefined materials
    Stone most profitable early on
Crafting and selling what you craft
    Bags & Capes
    Armor / Weapons
Leverage your personal island to grow crops, mounts, and herbs and sell them
Leverage your personal island to manufacture potions and food from crops and herbs and sell them
Killing people early on and taking their founders mounts / gear and selling them
Playing the gold market like a day trader and capitalizing on the fluctuations (thanks Balhaekor <3)
Sell any spare mercenary books on the auction house that you can't fill in your personal island (thanks rocknull <3)
Go for relic chests / coffers and sell the materials and or artifact weapons (thanks x100anthonyx <3)
Go do Hell-gates for the PVP and loot your opponents items & sell the hell-gate artifacts / materials
Participate in city auctions for building plots and create your own venders that other players can use

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